Children of the World

"There's more happiness in giving than receiving". 

This project features the series of portraiture of children from around the world.  The artist's hope is to shine the light, tell their story and  raise  an awareness on the existence of child exploitation, the social issues of child labor and at-risk children from impoverished area.    Starting in July of 2022, the project is expected to be completed in early - mid 2023.  

Photo reference courtesy of Simon Lister, the photographer from Netflix TV documentary "Tales by Lights". 

Girl With Blue Eyes

Mixed media - Oil & Hand Threaded Stitching
Dimension:  28" x 22"

Story: She was a young child around 13 years old who was wondering around the Kamalapur train station in Dhaka and it was later learned that she was a child exploited in prostitution


Medium - Oil
Dimension:  28" x 24"

Story: These children are from rural area of Chin State, myanmar.  These children were extremely poor and access to healthcare and education is almost impossible and not available in these remote area.