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Art for Change

One lazy afternoon away from the easel, Gina sat on the couch flipping through Netflix, a TV series "Tales by Light" caught her attention, it was a docuseries that followed UNICEF photographer, Simon Lister and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Orlando Bloom to Dhaka in Bangladesh, there they met with children living and working in inner city slums. The story broke her heart, her eyes filled with tears and sadness overwhelmed her. She felt she has got to do something although unsure she decided to reach out to Simon Lister and asked him if she could use his photograph and children's stories as a subject for her project which is called "Children of the World".

In this project, Gina painted a series of children's portraitures. Similar to Simon whose passion was to share his stories through the lens, Gina tell children's stories through canvas with hope to shine the light on these beautiful children. She has a vision and has hope that through visual art, she would be able to bring attention to the social issues such as at-risk children living in the impoverished area, the existense of child labor in several parts of the world, and the most heart wrenching story of all - child sexual exploitation.

The exhibition will be launched at the end of this year with reception on the 6th of October, 2023 at the Water's Edge Gallery, Riverside Hotel in Boise, ID.

Project Gallery


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